Women should date multiple guys – Sally Mann

Entertainment analyst, Sally Mann, has stated she does not support the idea of a lady dating just one man, emphasising the need for ladies to have options so they can choose the right partner.

On her part, she sees nothing wrong with a lady who sees other men outside her relationship therefore, she endorses such kind of practice.

In an interview on the Toast show which is aired on Ghone TV, she shared her take on ladies who engage in multiple relationships.

“And me I wouldn’t even want a woman to date one guy. You see our part of the world, dating is chop-chop. Dating is getting to know the people; you understand what I am saying. Have options so that you can choose from,” she stated.

She further said women should also try to engage themselves in conversations about men. This, she explained, will go a long way to help the ladies determine the character of the men from the onset, adding that, she has benefited from engaging in such relationship conversations herself.

“Don’t run away from conversations like the one I am talking to you about. Have that conversation. If the person is responsible, you will know, if the person is childish, you would know. Me, every single person that I have dated that hand sight I knew they were childish, forever they are childish and they are still childish”, she

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