You’re a fool if you have 4 private cars and still live in a rented apartment – Kumchaha says

In a recent interview on Property FM in Cape Coast, Prophet Kumchacha, also known as Nicholas Osei, compared Ghana’s Free Senior High School initiative to the situation of someone renting a room but owning multiple cars.

He expressed his belief that it is foolish to rent an apartment while also possessing numerous vehicles.

He said “I have been travelling all over the world and there’s nowhere in Europe that Free SHS is easy like the way we’ve implemented ours.

“Look at the number of school-going students with no one paying absolutely no school fees so why won’t we go to IMF with all these huge monies that we’re paying,” he continued sighted by

He said, “Our situation now can be likened to someone who is renting someone’s apartment or staying in a rented house but that same person is having about five cars.

“Doing such a thing shows that you are not sensible because how can you be staying in a rented house yet you are having about four private cars,” he added on Property FM in Cape Coast.

He queried “It shows your level of stupidity to do such a thing and that’s the situation we find ourselves in with the implementation of the Free SHS which has led us to the IMF”.

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