LGBTQI: Why are Europeans, Americans running away from Saudi Arabia – Muntaka

The Member of Parliament for Asawase, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, has slammed Western countries over their continuous effort to force African countries to accept and legalise activities of LGBTQI+ people.

Speaking on the floor of parliament during a debate on Ghana’s anti-LGBTQI+ bill, Muntaka said that this behaviour of the West is hypocritical because they have turned a blind eye to countries where LGBTQI+ persons are killed like Saudi Arabia.

He added that European and American countries are so intent on forcing Ghana and other African countries into accepting LGBTQI because they think these countries are weak.

“The sad thing is that I don’t understand why the Europeans and the Americas are on the Africans. Why are they running away from Saudi Arabia? Because of the oil, because of their interest there, they are running away from them.

“For them, they don’t only imprison them (LGBTQI people). They kill them and use cranes to lift the body up for the whole town to see… what is more barbaric than this. That you kill and lift the body with blood oozing for the whole crowd to see what is done to people who commit this shameful act.

“There they (the West) are quiet because as for that place, their bread would be buttered. As for us because we are disunited and they can exploit our resources, they can even be threatening us that if you pass this thing your country would suffer the loss of these millions,” he said.

The MP, who was the former minority whip of the house, said that African countries should not be afraid of the threats of the West, saying Africans would be “happy to eat grass” if they get no support.

Meanwhile, the Parliament of Ghana has adopted the motion of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliament Committee on the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill (anti-LGBTQI bill)

This followed the second reading of the Bill on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

After the second reading, members of the House were given the opportunity by the Second Deputy Speaker, Andrew Amoako Asiamah, to debate the motion.

Watch a video of Muntaka’s comments below:

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