A traditional priest kills his second wife over infidelity and commits suicide

A popular traditional priest in Parembo, Bono East Region, has reportedly killed his second wife due to infidelity allegations.

Solomon Bosomfoɔ, the priest, allegedly killed the second wife after accusing her of having extramarital affairs with other men.

The bizarre incident occurred on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Kwame Adez reported that the traditional priest allegedly killed the second wife due to a misunderstanding between them.

The priest confronted the wife and requested her to confess to the allegations of extramarital affairs.

The misunderstanding led to an alleged attack on her, resulting in her death.

The reporter revealed that after the traditional priest killed his wife, he slashed himself till his intestine bled out.

He perished in the process.

The police were notified and the bodies of the wife and the priest were deposited at the morgue.


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