Ghana not immune from coup – Mahama

Former President John Mahama says December 7, 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections is the most critical election since 1992 and may be the last opportunity to restore hope to Ghanaians in constitutional rule.

He said Ghana is not immune to the geo- political instability in the sub-region arising from several coup d’etat occasioned by perceived poor governance and corruption worsening living standards of the people.

Mr. Mahama therefore said 2025 when NDC returns to power, it must transform the economic fortunes of the country and create opportunities to inspire hope in constitutional governance.

“I must say that election 2024 is going to be the most critical election since 1992 or may be in the history of our party. Because as I said earlier it is the last opportunity for us to restore the faith of our people in constitutional government in our country.”

He continued that “Let us not think that we are immune to what is happening in the sub-region. It cannot be business as usual as I said a little while ago. Any new government that takes over on 2025 7th January cannot do business as usual. We must sit up and do what our people expect of us. We must let them understand and let them appreciate that constitutional government can defend their interest, constitutional government can look after their human right, and constitutional government can guarantee that they can express themselves freely, but mostly importantly constitutional governments are able to create the opportunity that make them able to realize their full potential to live in dignity and prosperity.”

Mahama made these statements when addressing the closing ceremony of 3rd annual Lawyers conference of NDC Lawyers Association via Zoom.

He however conceded that it will be a difficult task given the mess caused by the Akufo-Addo led government, however hopeful the next NDC government will deliver.

“It is going to be an arduous task but we all must sit up and make sure we are able to discharge our responsibilities to our people. I am convinced that NDC will win that election”.

Mr. Mahama said various works are being done to formulate policies and programs for immediate implementation to hit the ground running in 2025 as soon as NDC assumes office.

“We must hit the ground running. I am not going to wait until I win the election to start to think about what to do. I know that several dedicated people under Prof. Danso Boafo organization we call the “LAB” looks at all the various sectors – governance, economy, trade, Agriculture, health, education and tourism and comes out with concrete policies we can put in effect as soon as we have taken over to make Ghana the Ghana we want”.

He called on NDC members to be vigilant in the 2024 elections to secure victory for the party.

“While we prepare to go into that election, we must be vigilant and alert and indeed more than we were in Assin North. But aside from that, we must keep an eye on what we are going to do as soon as we come to power.

He said the “legal directorate and NDC Lawyers group are going to be critical towards winning this election. One of the things you need to do is to acquaint yourself with the electoral codes to watch the process to make sure the NDC is represented properly, that you understand the electoral process and that nothing untoward goes on in the polling stations. I believe that it is this end of sacrifice that is required of us so that we can win the election 2024. The prospects look very good for winning 2024 but we cannot rest on our ores. We need to be vigilant. We have an opponent who can take advantage of any list opportunity to manipulate the electoral process and so we need to be on our feet and make sure that we prevent anything like that from happening.”


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