I’d never forgive Sarkodie if he doesn’t apologize – Bitter Samini says

Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Samini has disclosed that his relationship with rapper Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie remains fractured after both sides failed to settle an issues.

According to him, Sarkodie has not shown remorse for his actions toward him hence until Sarkodie asks for forgiveness, he would not let it go.

He noted that Sarkodie did not show much commitment and respect to him after sending him a song to do a verse but he delayed the response for quite some time and this has led to an acrimonious relationship between the two artistes.

Speaking in an interview with TV3 on the DayShow which GhanaWeb monitored, Samini indicated that he is willing to forgive Sarkodie if he apologizes for disrespecting him.

The host of the show, Berla Mundi quizzed Samini on whether he had forgiven Sarkodie after him being treated unfairly by the rapper.

Berla Mundi: Okay, so you clearly haven’t moved on from that [feud with Sarkodie].

Samini: No

Berla Mundi: You haven’t forgiven him?

Samini: No.

Samini: Has he [Sarkodie] asked for forgiveness?

Samini: No

Berla Mundi: If he does, you’d forgive him?

Samini: Of course, as simple as that.

He further stated, “If a man is remorseful and tells you, ‘Charlie, sorry that I pour red oil on your white attire’, you’re cool. But if the man tells you, ‘this small thing, you’ve taken it seriously’, how are you going to be cool? That type of ‘I forgive you’ is ‘I leave you to God’ kind of forgiveness and not that I’ve forgiven you. It’s ‘I leave you to the Maker’. You think you’re cool. Go around and just keep pouring.”

Samini narrated how Sarkodie was disrespected after sending him a song where Sarkodie questioned him and failed to respond to him on time.

“I like those challenges. Yeah, but how is it okay for you, this small boy [Sarkodie], to receive my song and ask me questions and then after that dip and give me blue ticks till I release my project? Till years down the line, till I actually get to speak about it casually online for you to throw it down like nothing happened?” said aggrieved Samini.

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