Top 10 Ghanaian Gospel Artists in America

When it comes to gospel music, Ghana has produced some of the most talented and anointed artists in the industry. In recent times, the influence of Ghanaian gospel music has spread beyond the borders of the country, captivating audiences around the world. In America, specifically, there are several Ghanaian gospel artists who have made significant strides in promoting the Gospel through their music. In this article, we will highlight and celebrate the top 10 Ghanaian gospel artists making waves in America.

1. Nii Addo

Nii Addo is number one as the most popular gospel artiste in America. He is the current Praise Achievement Award and GMA-USA gospel artist of the year. He has performed at 10s of events in America and has gained huge popularity among his compatriots.

2. Cee Music

Cee remains the best female gospel artiste in America with a lot of shows and awards to her credit. She has performed at various shows in America and remains very popular with most Ghanaians. She is the current Female Artiste of the Year winner at Ghana Music Awards-USA

3. Rev Graceman

Rev Graceman is considered the best Ghanaian worshipper in the diaspora, hence his position on our list. He has performed across states in America and continues to win the hearts of most Ghanaians he ministers to.

4. Millicent Yankey

After hosting the best Ghanaian diasporan gospel concert in America, she is in the fourth position and currently holds the best Female Gospel artist of the year at the Praise Achievement Awards. The ATL-based artiste is also considered the best-branded Ghanaian artiste in America.

5. Melody Frimpong

She is a household name in the Pentecostal ministry and is considered the Diana Hamilton in America. Melody has lots of his tracks to her credit and parades as one of the best female formers in America.

6. Herty Corgie

Herty stands as the best female Ghanaian female vocalist and performer. He was the female artiste/ vocalist of the year 2022 at Ghana Music Awards USA and the Female Vocalist at Praise Achievement Awards. Her stage presence is one to reckon with by most of her compatriots.

7. Humphrey Tettey

He is known as the best praise and worship leader in the Ghanaian community in the Delaware Valley in the United States of America. His vocal power won him the Best Male Vocalist at GMA -USA 2021.

8. Mill Addison

The Mala hit Maker is currently at number eight due to her contemporary style of singing. She is also known for her worship prowess. She is considered the best Ghanaian Female Artiste in New Jersey and has a lot of nominations to her credit at both GMA-USA, GEA-USA, and Praise Achievement Awards

9. Royal Mama

Royal Mama is considered the best and most promising Ghanaian Gospel artist. She has won 3 awards with GMA-USA.

10. Ama Kutin/ Sarah Sings 

There is a tie between two versatile singers. Sarah stands as the best Ghanaian Gospel artiste and female vocal power in Delaware. Even though she has not won any awards yet, she has been nominated at several Awards programs including the prestigious GMA-USA, GEA-USA, and Praise Achievement Awards. The SDA singer Ama Kutin has an EP to her credit and happens to be the best Ghanaian Female artist in Massachusetts. Her vocal power is nothing to compare with.

These Ghanaian gospel artists have not only made their mark in the United States but have also contributed to the global gospel music landscape. Their powerful voices, deep spirituality, and inspirational messages continue to resonate with listeners, providing hope, comfort, and a connection to their faith. As they continue to create music that transcends borders, their influence in America’s gospel music scene is sure to grow even stronger in the years to come.

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