US-Based Ghanaian drowns At Delaware Beach

A US-based Ghanaian man who went missing while swimming has been found on the beach of Delaware in what is suspected to be a drowning incident. Multiple reports on the fatal incident say Richard A. Boateng went missing while swimming off Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, on Sunday, September 3, 2023.

According to the New York Post, a massive search for Boateng commenced after several 911 calls on Sunday.

Witness said Richard raised his hand for help before drowning The report further explained that a witness told authorities that he saw somebody raise his hand out of the ocean like they needed help. “Then I started shouting ‘Help! We need a lifeguard,'” NY post quoted the witness. He said shortly after the person raised his hand for help, he could not be seen again. Before the incident, marine officials had warned of rip currents throughout the holiday weekend.

His sister, Nanatte Boateng, said Richard’s death has taught her a lesson about the importance of maintaining close relationships with family

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