I won’t be here if it was just about votes – President tells Akosombo Dam spillage victims

President Nana Akufo-Addo on Monday, October 16, stirred controversy when he subtly reminded some victims of the Akosombo Dam spillage at Mepe in the Volta Region about the fact that he had visited to sympathise with them regardless of the fact that the residents there do not vote for his party.

The flooding caused by the spillage from the Akosombo and Kpong hydro dams has forced many communities in the North, South, and Central Tongu districts of the Volta region to evacuate, leaving them with no choice but to try and salvage what’s left of their belongings.

The situation is dire, with staff at the Comboni Hospital having to evacuate their quarters and seek shelter under a pavilion.

Patients have also been discharged, with only 10 in critical condition remaining. If the water levels do not recede soon, they may also have to be discharged.

Touring the districts severely hit by the unfortunate situation, President Akufo-Addo assured that government is going to do everything in its power to make sure the situation is resolved.

“My visit here is a very simple one. It is to come and sympathise and commiserate with you about the tragedy that has occurred. When it happened, I was in America on an official business and the Chief of Staff called me in America about what had happened and we discussed what had to be done.

“We agreed to establish an inter-ministerial committee to coordinate government response to the tragedy…,” he said.

The president also assured the victims of the flooding of more relief items.

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