You spent your monies on lesbians – King Kaninja punches Xandy Kamel

Ghanaian sports presenter, Kaninja has finally reacted to accusations by his ex-wife, Xandy Kamel that he was a slob during their short marriage.

In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, Kaninja revealed that Xandy could not even lay her the bed and sweep their room during the time they were married.

According to him, she was the worst wife he ever married. King Kanija also accused his ex-wife of having a one time affair in Italy and also spending her money on her lesbobo partner.

Read his full post below;

“I decided not to do this but for the first time I have to.

  1. The interviewer: You were desperately chasing me for an interview 2yrs ago when I was in Taadi to the extent that you even wanted to pay my Air fare but I declined your request cause the last time I checked you are not responsible enough to be in that capacity claiming to be a holy ghost cause at your age you shloud be using your platform building people not creating enmity among people.

The guy you had a thing with in Italy just got married what are you waiting for Old wise Woman.

  1. The reason I don’t give attention to some of this news is that look. Eagles & Pigs are not coursemate Pigs always enjoy playing in the mud so there is no need to follow them there. Once you follow them, you also become dirty like them. Tell the world that you spent your money on your Lesb0b0 partners not me please. if it was about money I would’ve still be with you so stop deceiving the world. A Lady who can’t even lay her matrimonial bed and sweep her own room unless her Mum does it. is that one too a wife? Stop forcing yourself on Guys yeah Am the News. Yes and will make you keep talking Unruly King.”
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