Politics Started In Heaven- Diana Asamoah Reaffirms Support For NPP

Diana Asamoah has found herself at the center of controversy after she openly declared why she supports the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana.

In response to the criticism she faced, Asamoah confidently asserted that politics originated in heaven, implying that her involvement in politics was divinely ordained.

During an interview on the DayBreak Hitz show on Hitz FM, Asamoah expressed her confusion over the backlash she received for endorsing a political party.

She questioned why Ghanaians made such a fuss about celebrities endorsing political parties, while their American counterparts openly do so without facing prejudice or attacks. This comparison between Ghana’s political environment and that of the United States became a focal point of her discussion.

Asamoah’s motivation for entering politics stemmed from her desire to make a positive impact on society. She believed that her platform as a celebrity and preacher could be used to influence change and contribute to the development of her country. Drawing inspiration from the American political landscape, where celebrities openly declare their support for politicians, she saw an opportunity to use her influence for the greater good.

By highlighting the differences between Ghana and the United States, Asamoah aimed to challenge the societal norms and expectations that often discourage celebrities from engaging in politics. She argued that if American celebrities can openly endorse politicians without facing prejudice or attacks, then Ghanaian celebrities should be afforded the same freedom.

Asamoah’s assertion that politics originated in heaven was a bold statement that sought to legitimize her involvement in politics. By suggesting a divine connection to her political engagement, she aimed to silence her critics and reinforce her belief that she was on the right path.

“Looking at Obama, when he was running for president, all the celebrities supported him, so why can’t we celebrities in Ghana also choose who to support? Do you know politics started in Heaven? It exists in all aspects of our daily lives, at work, church, and even in Heaven. When God made the devil in charge of all the singers in Heaven, the devil wanted to take over power in heaven. That is politics,” she sated confidently.

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