They Want To Kill Me – Lil Win Cries Out Over Death Threats

Lilwin has recently shared a video in which he discloses the challenges he is currently facing.

According to him, he has been receiving death threats from unidentified individuals in Ghana ever since he announced his intention to release a song in support of his favourite political party.

Lilwin revealed that he has received multiple anonymous calls from three different people, all warning him against recording any song to endorse his preferred political party.

Although the callers did not mention which party they belonged to, they simply cautioned him against releasing any political song. Despite these threats, Lilwin remains determined to proceed with his plans and is prepared to face the consequences.

However, he did mention one condition under which he would reconsider releasing the song: if the individuals responsible for the threats reimbursed him for his studio fee of $1,500, as well as the expenses he incurred for lyricists and other production costs.

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