I would consider endorsing a political party if the amount is ‘life-changing’ – KiDi

Ghanaian musician KiDi has said he will only consider composing songs for political parties only if he gets a life-changing amount of money.

The ‘Sugar Daddy’ hitmaker said this in an interview with Hitz FM on March 26 where he said he would never take money to endorse a political party due to the unforgiving political climate in the country.

He pointed out that some artistes may not recover career-wise if they support a political party and thus, he would not want to do anything to hurt his brand in the long term.

“We are not in a system where somebody can publicly support a political party and still thrive afterwards. We are not in that system, unfortunately.

“So for me, I know who I support. But if you come to me, no matter the money, I won’t accept it because I’m thinking of my future and the long term,” he said.

He jokingly added that he would only consider endorsing a political party if the amount involved was “life-changing”, preferably in the 100s of millions of dollars.

“Oh, you see, everybody has a price. If it’s an amount that can change your whole generation, like 100s of millions of dollars. I may consider,” he said amid laughter.

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