You are not a man if you beat a woman- Pete Edochie

Legendary Nollywood Actor, Chief Pete Edochie has sent a powerful piece of advice to men across the globe.

In a heartwarming message the veteran actor delivered during his 77th birthday celebration, he advised men to be very careful with women.

The renowned actor stated that men should value women because, without them, a house will forever remain a house and not a home.

“A house is a house but converted to a home only when a woman gets into it”, Chief Pete Edochie said.

He went on to add that men should try their best not to be the cause of a woman’s anger because “The strength of a woman is in her tongue”, hence, whatever they say works.

The actor also revealed that “If a woman provokes you and you strike her, you do not qualify to be called a man. But if you can cope with a woman, you can run a local government, you can run a country.”

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