Some pastors only good at boasting about their expensive cars – Bishop Agyin Asare laments

Bishop Agyin-Asare

Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare is worried that pastors of today take pride in boasting about the luxurious vehicles they have acquired while souls continue to perish.

He is particularly worried that these so-called men of God take delight in flaunting their wealth especially expensive cars at the least opportunity when there are no charismatic churches in villages to win souls for Christ.

In an interview he granted Joy News monitored by, he bemoaned the conduct of these wealth-seeking pastors who appear to have literally deviated from the teachings of Jesus Christ.What is more worrying he added was the fact the wealth-grabbing pastors are only in cities making the noise to the neglect of the villages which also need the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Today it is our time take that same gospel we are talking about I have Rolls Royce, I have a Bentley and I have what have you when souls are perishing. How many churches or how many church buildings….you go to even the villages there are virtually no charismatic churches. We are just in the cities and we are priding ourselves in the kind of in the kind of cars we ride”, he quizzed
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