Stop using Islam to kill – Military Chief Imam talks tough

Sheikh Major Najmu Deen Agbere Mohammed, Acting Chief Imam, Ghana Armed Forces

Sheikh Major Najmu-Deen Agbere Mohammed, Acting Chief Imam of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), has condemned atrocities being committed by unscrupulous persons under the cover of defending Islam.

To him, such unwarranted actions and claims have no justification to the principles of Islam, since the religion is all about peace with one self, Allah, and neighbours.

According to him: “What is good, do it, what is bad, you don’t do it. Anything that is harmful to human beings, to humanity, or would injure you, is haram. And we have a lot of examples in the Qur’an. Thus, killing somebody as an act of terrorism is haram, as there is nowhere in Islam which says go and kill people, no!”

He agreed that there used to be wars in the olden days among people who wanted to eliminate Islam in its entirety, so Prophet Mohammed had to defend himself in that respect, and he did it on the directives of Allah.

“But now, why should I put on explosives, go out there within a community, explode and kill everybody. It is haram, it is not Islam, people are using Islam to commit crime. Islam means peace. Peace with yourself, peace with your maker, and peace with your neighbours,” he lamented.

According to him, Islam is about just being truthful; it does not encourage cheating, and that “If you want to speak, speak justly, even if it is against you or a near relative. Do justice, be fair and stay in peace with everybody.”

The Acting GAF Chief Imam made this statement whilst granting an interview to The Chronicle and other media houses after Eidul-Adha prayers, dubbed “Keeping on to the straight path”, at Burma Camp in Accra on Sunday.

He said Eidul-Adha is about submission to Allah, an example that was exhibited by Prophet Abraham, who willingly submitted to the word of Allah to sacrifice his son, Isaac, but Allah paid him off with a ram.

The symbolism of sacrifice is submission to the will of Allah and act of worship, and by that sacrificing unto Allah, it is for him to accept your offering, forgive your sins, and also bless you and generations yet unborn.

“And by extension, we, in Ghana, are sacrificing to thank Allah for how far he has brought us as Ghanaians, as Muslims in Ghana and how far he has brought us, as people with a common destiny, for the peace of Ghana and the entire world,” he stressed.

On the theme, he added that keeping onto the straight path of Allah is what should be the guiding principles of the youth, since Allah has enumerated a lot of issues in the Qur’an, regarding what to do and what not to do.

This can be done when one keeps him or herself to the straight path of Allah, by committing to his word.

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General Obed Akwa, in a speech delivered on his behalf, urged Muslims to fear Allah and strive to be always obedient to Him and His messages by following His order, and staying away from prohibited things.

“If we do so, then we have indeed chartered on the straight path leading to gardens of pleasure. Many people have engulfed themselves in activities that drift them off the straight path of Allah, and for that, many have burdened themselves with issues of life, whereas it could have been easy for them if they were to follow the commandments of Allah,” he advised.

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