4 reasons why NPP cannot keep Ken Agyapong in check

Like a number of politicians across the world, the member of parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has been described as a maverick.

A maverick is someone who is quite carefree in the way they fight for what they believe in, willing to make enemies because they are independent minded.

Many have raised questions as to how and why the New Patriotic Party (NPP) cannot control or reign in Agyapong, having been responsible for some inflammatory comments and actions over the last decade.

The truth is that he can never be controlled by his party. Anyone looking forward to such a thing happening is wasting their precious time and energy.

1. He gives money to the party 

Agyapong is a financier of the NPP. The businessman’s money is so important that reports have it that he is consulted by the government on the appointments of some people onto boards and into agencies.

The NPP is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds the party. Of course, Agyapong is not the only financier of the party but it is unlikely the party would like to reduce their geese that lay golden eggs.

2. The NPP would not make an enemy of Agyapong 

As a well-placed member of the party, Agyapong is expected to be loyal to the party and its interests. But that is far from the reality because the MP is not living the theory.

Agyapong has been known in the last year or so to threaten to spill party secrets. He has criticised president Akufo-Addo and his vice on several occasions as well.

3. Kennedy Agyapong is a weapon 

Kennedy Agyapong is an acid-tongued politician. He reserves the most painful insults and harshest criticisms for his and his party’s detractors. Why would the NPP tone down a weapon that has served them so well?

4. The man is loved 

It may be as a result of his generosity or his supposed truth-telling but Agyapong has a massive following within the NPP.

So much so that the MP can refuse to campaign in his constituency and still regain his seat. To alienate Agyapong is to push his supporters back from supporting the party.

Source: yen.com.gh

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