AUDIO: I have slept with Ghanaian pastors, Minister-Ghana’s first openly gay model.

Ghanaian gay activist simply called Jay , says the hypocrisy about homosexuality in Ghana is alarming as the people who condemn it openly are into it secretly.

In a wide-ranging interview covering sex, marriage and the emergence of same-sex marriages with Unpredictable Amankrado on Sankofa Radio . Ghana’s self-acclaimed gay model simply known as Jay has confessed to sleeping with a Ghanaian Minister of state and at least 7 pastors.

He said: “The elephant in the room is denial. We pretend these things are not here. We blame it on the devil or white people. I once slept with a Ghanaian Minister, and I’m not surprised he will be the first speak out against homosexuality.

“While in Ghana, I had sex with church ministers who would come in the open to preach against homosexuality. The hypocrisy is deafening.

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