Spiritual ‘Koko’ Sold For GHC5.00 At Achimota

Who could have thought that koko made from maize, water, salt and sugar can be this expensive?

The truth however is that everything is possible in the world of religion especially the newly fangled Christianity of magic and prophesy. Somewhere in Achimota, a suburb o Accra, somebody has come up with a fraud that koko prepared in the name of the Holy Ghost can solve all problems.

The very special koko christened ‘ spiritual koko’ or ‘Joshua koko’ is prepared and sold in the mornings by a prayer group at the Achimota Forest and hundreds of people queue up to buy before it is ready.

Patrons are mainly women from all walks of life; market women, teachers, fish mongers, civil servants and more.

There are also commercial drivers, mechanics, unemployed and businessmen.

They are all seeking to reap where they have not sown but end up enriching the smart guys and dolls who offer koko for all kinds of salvation.

The spiritual koko sells for GHC5.00 per ladle which is about 100 percent more expensive than ordinary koko

Some patrons buy as much as GHC50.00 which they carry away in all kinds of containers especially flasks. Well in this era of austerity it makes a lot of sense to put the spirit of God into any and everything. At the very least it boosts sales. It may well be that by the end of the year spiritual banku, fufu and tuo zaafi will also be on offer. What a country?

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