AUDIO: I refused GHC1,000 to campaign for Nana Addo in 2008, National Cathedral is useless-A-Plus

Controversial musician and NPP sympathizer Kwame Asare Obeng (A-Plus) has criticized joined a section of Ghanaians who believe the funds for the National Cathedral could be used for something more important.

According to her, the funds for the National Cathedral could be invested in healthcare and infrastructure. In an early Facebook post, the outspoken Kwame A Plus, added that he has regretted in some actions of the party he belongs to and cited that in 2008, he rejected GHS 1,000 from the President to campaign for him. See his full post

“We don’t have schools, we don’t have hospitals, we don’t have good drinking water, the problems are many so we are building a church for Jesus to come live in Ghana. We want Jusus to come and solve our problems for us.” And God looked down and smiled and said, “bless you my daughter Joyce.” Joyce Dzidzor Mensah you deserve a medal made of tanzanite!!!
In America, Donald Trump wants to build a wall to prevent people from entering the country illegally. Some of his own party people said no!!! In Ghana tell me just one person who can say no to the president. A leader is not an angel. He/she is a human being who may take certain decisions. It is up to those around him or those he consult to tell him/her, no!! Wrong timing. No!!! Wrong location. No!!! Let’s get out priorities right.
Unfortunately, our leaders, from the Clegy to the messenger around the president are sycophants and bootlickers!!! All of them – the Dancun William’s and his likes!!! Every government they find a way to enter kolom!!

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