Kumasi Shooting: we will continue to sacrifice our lives for the NDC party – victims family

The family of the late Abdul Wasiu who was murdered in Kumasi says the loss of their son will not in any way discourage them from continuing to sacrifice their lives for the NDC party.

According to the family, they remain resolute in their love for the party and will continue to give their all to the party whether in good or bad times.

Abdul Wasiu said to be a member of the NDC Ashanti Regional Taskforce was on Monday gunned down near the party office by a thug named “Warrior” said to be a member of the pro-NDC vigilante group, the ‘Hawks’ and has been in hiding since committing the crime.

The Ashanti Regional Police Command is currently on a manhunt for Warrior and three other accomplices.

Speaking to Kasapa News, Abiba Iddrisu, sister of the late Abdul Wasiu said though it is sad losing her dear brother, however, she believes that Wasiu died at the right time appointed for him to leave this earth.

We are not disappointed in the NDC party, as I said earlier on, Wasiu’s time to die was up and he died and we have no problem with that as a family. Just as Wasiu died because of his love for the NDC, his late mother also died at a rally organized for John Mahama. So if our confidence in the NDC could ever wane, it would have been the time that our dear mother died. If we dare lose confidence in the NDC or leave the party our late father would be angry with us and will turn violently in his grave because he followed NDC to his grave. 

She added: “As I said it was time for Wasiu to die and he’s dead let’s leave it that one. He didn’t die because of his love for the NDC party. That fateful Monday even if he didn’t go out he would still have died because he was eating and then he suddenly decided to stop and rush to the party office.”

Source: Kasapa FM

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