Mahama Lacks Capacity For Victory 2020 – Ex-NDC Envoy

FORMER GHANA Consul General to Dubai, Daniel Osei is back at it again With his strong attacks on ex-president John Dramani Mahama.

In his latest article, he kicked against the likely choice of ex-president Mahama as National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential candidate for the 2020 general election.

Ambassador Osei said Mr. Mahama “lacks the capacity to put together the right coalition for victory.”

According to him, it was not surprising that Mr. Mahama lost the 2016 elections miserably.

“I was surprised he got 44% because the data suggested a much less number and the recent 33% from the UG polls should be a warning to us all. It’s a true reflection of his support and the fact that many of those contesting him for the primaries worked with him, is indicative of the fact that he lacks wholesome support within the party and that’s a dangerous place to be,” he said.

Ambassador Osei has reiterated that Mr. Mahama cannot win the 2020 elections for the NDC, warning the party to be mindful not to settle on Mahama as its presidential candidate.

He said “I knew his strategy for 2016, and concluded he couldn’t win. I warned against it. Indeed, I was concerned he will employ same tactics for the 2020 primaries and tried to stop them quietly and with reason, but I realized he will do what he wants to do, so we had to engage to help save the party.”

Ambassador Osei was an appointee of former President Mahama but it is unclear why they fell apart, leading the former to incessantly launch attacks against the latter.

He recounted that “Mahama is the first and only sitting president who lost significant votes across all ten regions. That should alarm us all. We can’t dismiss these facts as easy to overcome.”

Not A Unifier

Ambassador Osei argues that Mr. Mahama is a divisive character who may cause the party doom in 2020, asking rhetorically that “if he cannot unite the party, how can he win?”

According to him, “We (NDC) need a strong coalition of civil society, labor unions, business, industry, teachers, youth groups including nurse and teacher trainees and much more. These are all groups he offended and they all voted against him in the general elections and they will still vote in 2020!”

Source: Daily Guide

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