Atta-Akyea runs away from $7 million payment in controversial Sagleme housing project

Works and Housing Minister, Samuel Atta Akyea

Works and Housing Minister, Samuel Atta-Akyea has admitted his Ministry paid over $7 million to Constratora OAS Ghana Limited, contractors of the controversial Sagleme Housing Project in March 2017.

He has, however, stated that he was neither aware of the payment nor was it sanctioned by him revealing that it could have been done by the Chief Director of the Ministry at the time even though he was the Minister.

Asked on Accra-based Asempa Fm how come he was not aware of such huge payment even though he is the Minister responsible, he stated that it was the handy work of one Ziblim.

“It has come out in a very pathetic way. Ziblim at my blind side went and made the payment without my permission…there is a looming problem and you will soon see whether a Chief Director can sanction a payment without the approval of his Minister,” he disclosed.

When the host Osei Bonsu pointed out to him that he is vicariously responsible for whatever transpires at the Ministry including the acts of his subordinates, he disagreed.

“I am not responsible for criminal vicarious liability. There is nothing like a vicarious liability when it comes to criminality because I have not asked anyone to take any money and engage in a criminal act,” he defended.

Told in the face he has disappointed Ghanaians by sitting aloof and allow such payment to go through when he is supposed to superintend over happenings at the Ministry of Works and Housing he instead said thievery rather gained strength over him.

“Thievery has gained strength and the lack of the fear of God played a part. This is not my Chief Director but the one I came to meet. Do you know that after winning the December 2016 elections the signed a management contract over this and paid a company in Dubai? There is a problem in Ghana and a lot of issues will come out,” he stated on the show.

He however promised to make emerging issues public and demand answers from those culpable in facilitating payment with approval from the Chief Director in concert with someone at the Finance Ministry.

“I have not sanctioned any payment to Sagleme. Do you know my signature is very notorious and it has been proven I did not sanction those payments”, he asked.


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