Arrest Bro. Sammy over his ‘divine healing water’ – Social media users tell FDA, Police

Bro. Sammy mixing DDT with water and his 'Divine Healing Water'

Some Ghanaians on social media (Facebook) are calling for the arrest of gospel musician Brother Sammy for the constant advertisement of his spiritual healing water, which they describe as ‘fake’.

Brother Sammy who calls himself ‘the nation worshipper’ for some weeks now has been promoting a medicine he has labelled ‘Divine healing water’.

According to him, the medicine can cure HIV, Asthma, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Diabetes and even Cancer.

The gospel musician in his latest video which has since gone viral on social media is seen mixing DDT with water and his holy water. He entreated Ghanaians to purchase his medicine since it can cure even people who have taken the deadly ‘DDT’ substance.

However, a lot of social media users have cautioned the Food and Drugs Authority and security agencies to stop the sale of his so-called healing water.

According to them, there are so many gullible Ghanaians who will fall prey to purchasing Bro. Sammy’s ‘fake medicine’ with the hope of curing their illness.

Movie producer Ola Michael in a post on his facebook has been cautioning the public to refrain from being a victim of Bro. Sammy’s ‘fraudulent’ activities.

“The last time I check, DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) was soluble in fat and not in water. Yet this fraud and crook musician is able to readily dissolve DDT in water before adding his spiritual healing water? Why didn’t he taste the healed water himself? like I said don’t buy that nonsense from him. He is a fraud!”, he posted.

These are reactions from some Ghanaians on social media to the video that has gone viral. In the meantime, the video has been shared by over 200 people.

“Let me snitch on this fraud who doesn’t even know DDT is colourless. Anyways the supposed DDT is Iodine and His supposed Divine healing water is Bleach! Why is he not tasting it? Someone get his ass arrested before he kills people”, Lip BlackHole posted.

“Are Ghanaian Authorities waiting for this idiot to kill people before they act? DDT is illegal in Ghana ???????? at the moment so how can he open claim to have some? He should be arrested as soon as possible. The least said about FDA, the better. Is this not medicinal advertisement?”, Joseph Boakye Yiadom wrote.

“This guy should be arrested”, Paa Kofi also supported.

“Let’s all share this video so Ghana Police Service can see it and den arrest Brother Sammy ya so called gospel musician. Dis is stupidity and foolishness on his part. Using DDT to cure da sick???…. Nkwasiafuo calling themselves, gospel musicians. People will lose their lives due to this.Share to save a life. Demons calling themselves gospel musicians. It is my prayer dat Dr.Prophet Kofi ODURO of Alabaster International sees dis video”, MC Mike Shanti fumed.

“GM Miketwo what if a child decides to mix the DDT with VERNA water and drink it as directed by your Broda Sammy. Will the child die or live and is that medication certified by Food & Drugs Auth?”, Enock Agyepong asked

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