Akufo-Addo ungrateful, perpetuating an unjust betrayal on Dr Busia – Nana Frema Busia

Nana Frema Busia & Father

A daughter of Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, Nana Frema Busia, has described President Akufo-Addo as being ungrateful to her father who as a prime minister bifurcated his power and ceded a ceremonial presidency to Edward Akufo-Addo, the President’s father on a “silver platter” just to ensure there is peace in the country.

According to her, Nana Akufo-Addo, the President of Ghana is perpetuating an unjust betrayal on Dr Busia, worse than what he accuses Dr Nkrumah of and thereby breeding disunity and insecurity in the country, with a sense of entitlement and arrogance.

She believes Nana Akufo-Addo is using his position as President of Ghana to resurrect Dr Danquah, who failed to become the President of Ghana, thereby ignoring Dr Busia who won the 1969 election convincingly and became the Prime Minister.

In a long letter to the President, Nana Frema Busia indicated that the descendants of Dr JB Danquah who are ruling the country deem Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s presidency and place in Ghanaian and African history as unacceptable usurpation.

“This is primarily why you wish to impose Dr Danquah on the University of Ghana as though the university and its Council do not know their own history! Dr Danquah is to compete favourably as juxtaposed to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology [KNUST]. Honestly, Mr President, your Politics seem driven by a vendetta to redress the political whirlwind of Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s perceived ‘Overthrow ‘ of Dr J.B. Danquah who was the heir apparent to the political kingdom from colonial rule, before an ‘insurrection’ so to speak,” the letter reads.

Nana Frema Busia noted that while the President is pretending with the National Cathedral to be seeking the kingdom of God for Ghana, he is actually seeking to vindicate the bruised honour, the injustice, the defeat and untimely tragic death of his uncle Dr Danquah and to rehabilitate him.

She said Dr Danquah once gave this admonition “Let us hold tight to the realities of politics and leave fancy dress and P. G caps alone. Let us go forward with our stern and grim determination, but at the same time let us watch the CPP in power and also pity them, lest from ignorance of the meaning of self-Government they land our country with a heavy load of self-government in chains. In this, he actualized his expectation as his freedom and those of others became ‘chained’ at Nsawam prison and in exile.”

She added, the President’s transparent agenda “subverts the imitation of heavenly drama in the Danquah typology as though a fight between God and Satan draws the curtain on an incongruous result of Satan winning and God needing your help to correct an aberration. But we all know this is not the conclusion of divine mystery and God certainly does not need help.”

Nana Frema Busia reminded the President that her father, Dr KA Busia offered Dr JB Danquah and the UGCC a political lifeline.

“Mr President, Dr Danquah participated in the 1951 Legislative Assembly as an elected rural representative of Akyem Abuakwa but was completely stonewalled and became a lame-duck politician due to a CPP stampede-of his every initiative. He who had once intoned: “Inheritors of our ancient kingdom, my message to you is not moved by fear, Aggrey blotted fear from our dictionary, Eagle fly for thou art not a chick” became an eagle who could not fly.”

Read Nana Frema Busia’s full letter to President Akufo-Addo below

Busia daughter’s open letter to Akufo-Addo on politics of Ghana PART TWO OF A SERIES. FIRST POLITICAL EDITION

Mr President, for purposes of elucidation, I plead your indulgence to utilize a biblical mimicry of heavenly rebellion of a serpent’s bite of betrayal, introduced by Dr Danquah into Ghana’s politics.

THE BITTER ELEMENT IN CPP / UGCC POLITICS AFTER DR NKRUMAH’S CPP SPLIT: According to H. K. KYAeampong, nationalism was rising on new high levels of bitterness:

‘Awake but not sleep, we entrusted the torch of the struggle into the hands of someone who turned out to be a serpent under our feet… to spit his dirty and slimy poison of a false charge of bribery over our bodies and let the people reject us’ [Dr Danquah, delegates conference of UGCC at Koforidua]

Respectfully, Mr President, in this analogy: You are “Saul, still looking for your family’s lost sheep’, after being crowned King”. God chose you NOT. Ti’s the people who chose you, after you prayed to God and made several “sweet mighty promises”, NOT GOD. The fact Mr, President, is that the Kingdom of God is not sought in the physical but in the Spiritual. Your heart is not Right Mr President that is why God has passed you over and given the kingdom to someone else. You are not obeying the voice of God, your Excellency. “Vengeance is mine, I will Repay”, Sayeth the Lord’. This is why the CPP has been retired from power for so very long.


In this typology, let us say, I am the woman with the ‘ISSUE OF BLOOD’, prepared in an incubator of suffering and anointed to lead a Crusade of Righteousness and Justice in Ghana and that is a Mission without Fear of vilification from the male wolves and their counterparts who devour at night in the city and leave no bones unturned, for the people love it so because they see darkly. Therefore, “A woman shall encompass a Man”. I have touched the hem of Christ’s garment and been healed. So, let me go on about my Father/s’ Business just as you are doing your Founder/s’ politics Your Excellency.

Mr President, The alleged bribery campaign, so devastated Dr Danquah, that he failed to achieve his ambition as First President of Ghana. Dr Danquah spoke of the “evil campaign’ against him as the plank on which the new party, the Convention Peoples Party, Now the Caesarian or imperialist party of Ghana was founded”. Was John the Baptist not beheaded by the Imperial Caesar in the biblical account after calling for repentance? Thus, Mr President, in Your uncle Dr J. B. Danquah’s own biblical typology, he was a political forerunner in the mould of John the Baptist for constitutional reform and not the chosen one of God, for the ‘race is not to the swift’. Mr President, You cannot, therefore, Elevate Dr Danquah over Kofi Busia carved in the mould of a Prophet.

Mr President, Prof. David Mowbray Balme, First Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana after whom the Balme Library is named, testified of the Pan Africanist Prof. Busia: “By temperament, he was neither a Politician nor an Academic, but a Preacher and a Prophet. In the early ’50s as his country prepared for Independence, he was preoccupied with thinking about the value and genuine place of African culture alongside all the Independent nations and cultures of the world… He was the best cure for anybody inclined to racial arrogance not just because he was brilliant, he could run rings intellectually around most of his university colleagues black or white but because of his objectivity and penetration”.

But a prophet is not respected in his own home. He is rejected after a brief period of enlightenment throughout the world!

Mr President, The word of God by Inspiration for your leadership is a Spiritual Call to Exemplary Repentance of a ‘stiff-necked corrupt people’, not 1. The building of showy cathedrals in the air for tourists, ‘For my House Shall be a House of Prayer’ not of commerce or 2. the unjust pursuit of Prof. Kofi Busia’s legacy from the capital city’s fortress of the university of Ghana to the outskirts of Bono’s university of Energy, the former Forestry school at the small town of Fiapre, which does not have requisite intellectual life in it, with the sole purpose of elevating those placed lower in Gods configuration from your genealogy or your kinsfolk. ‘For if the people who are called by my name will hearken to my voice and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land’. But what did you hear when you went to pray Mr President?


Mr President, In Dr Danquah’s spiritual perception as portrayed in his serpent analogy, a fight ensued between the forces of God, “Nyame”, represented by Dr Danquah,“An Immortal of Ghana” and a verminous serpent, “kankan nyame”. Represented by Dr Nkrumah “Who Never Dies’, “Nkrumah is our god” as the CPP Young Pioneers used to chant.

Mr. President, ‘It is said that a serpent’s bite of ‘BETRAYAL of Dr, Danquah owing to a ‘TRAGIC MISTAKE’ of ‘inviting an indigent student from London to Act as Secretary’ to the Peoples beloved UGCC, cost him the Queens Crown as First President of Ghana,“When in all probability CONTROL would be in my hands”, according to Dr Danquah. But on that “EVIL DAY” June 12 1949, the rather Active Secretary, ‘this man Nkrumah’, devised a means to undermine by defecting to found the CPP and discredited Dr Danquah to ‘CAPTURE POWER’ and instituted not as had been planned a constitutional but a Positive Action Now, Authoritarian Regime, leading to Dr. Danquah’s death.

As stated by Dr Nkrumah, in his book titled Ghana, “Even a system based on social justice and democratic constitution may need backing up, during the period following independence by emergency measures of a totalitarian kind”.

Mr President, According to J.S Tsiboe of the then pioneer newspaper “But even those of us who knew him best { i.e. Dr, Nkrumah} had little idea how totalitarian he would be”.

Mr President According to page 25 of Dr Danquah’s memorial pamphlet, compiled by H. K Akyeampon: “From that evil day, June 12, 1949, Dr, J. B Danquah who was the idol of the masses became their enemy. There was no town or village in the country he visited in the interest of his country where he was not stoned at, hissed at, booed at or even spat upon’

Consequently, it was a tornado of a socialist branded authoritarianism that shut out the opposition and eventually destroyed any vestige of UGCC. Its targeted leader was held captive onto death in prison without trial after an alleged vicious whispering campaign to demoralize and ostracize him from public affection evidently succeeded. As a would-be first President Dr Danquah’s political career was capsized by the so-called ‘EVIL DAY ‘ in Ghana. ‘In a sense, this was Ghana’s first ‘coup de tat’ a palace or insider overthrow’ by the ‘supplanting poisonous serpent’, in his analogy.

Mr President, Ostensibly, the Danquah faction Now in governance, deem Dr, Nkrumah’s Presidency and place in Ghanaian and African history an unacceptable usurpation. This is primarily why you wish to impose Dr Danquah on the University of Ghana as though the university and its Council do not know its own history! Dr Danquah is to compete favorably as juxtaposed to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology [KNUST] Honestly, Mr President, your Politics seem driven by a vendetta to redress the political whirlwind of Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s perceived ‘Overthrow ‘ of Dr J.B. Danquah who was heir apparent to the political kingdom from colonial rule, before an ‘insurrection’ so to speak.

Mr President, You have resurrected Dr Danquah to the Presidency which eluded him. You consider yourself a successor to Dr Danquah who was never President instead of Dr Busia who after convincingly winning the 1969 election, as PRIME Minister, appeased the OUTRAGE of Dr Danquah’s death… Kofi Abrefa Busia bifurcated his power and ceded a ceremonial PRESIDENCY to your father Edward, on a silver platter, in order that there will be peace in Ghana but you are UNGRATEFUL. 1.. You are perpetuating an unjust betrayal on Dr Busia worse than what you accuse Dr Nkrumah of. 2. And breeding disunity and insecurity in Ghana with a sense of entitlement and arrogance, You will not let well alone… This is the fine print Mr President.

While you are pretending with the National cathedral to be seeking the kingdom of God for Ghana, you are actually seeking to vindicate the bruised honour, the injustice, the defeat and untimely tragic death of your uncle Dr Danquah and to rehabilitate him.

Dr, Danquah once gave this admonition “Let us hold tight to the realities of politics and leave fancy dress and P. G caps alone. Let us go forward with our stern and grim determination, but at the same time let us watch the CPP in power and also pity them, lest from ignorance of the meaning of self-Government they land our country with a heavy load of self-government in chains. In this, he actualized his expectation as his freedom and those of others became ‘chained’ at Nsawam prison and in exile.

However, Mr President, your transparent agenda subverts the imitation of heavenly drama in the Danquah typology as though a fight between God and satan draws the curtain on an incongruous result of satan winning and God needing your help to correct an aberration. But we all know this is not the conclusion of divine mystery and God certainly does not need HELP.

Mr President, Dr Danquah participated in the 1951 Legislative Assembly as an elected rural representative of Akyem Abuakwa but was completely stonewalled and became a lame-duck politician due to a CPP stampede-of his every initiative. He who had once intoned: “Inheritors of our ancient kingdom, my message to you is not moved by fear, Aggrey blotted fear from our dictionary, Eagle fly for thou art not a chick” became an eagle who could not fly.

It is Prof Busia who offered Dr Danquah and the UGCC a political lifeline.


Mr President, now let us turn our attention to Prof. ‘Busia’s pre-independence political contribution: H. E. William Francis Hare, the last Governor of the Gold coast attests

“I never regretted having sometimes to insist with some vehemence on my constitutional right to meet with the leader of the opposition. I admired his skill in holding together a party deeply divided by tribal affiliation and divergent interests, and his courage in criticizing the government publicly and on every possible occasion, at a time when criticism was becoming increasingly dangerous…..Dr Busia’s life is now woven into the texture of African history and NO ONE can write about the courage of independence after the long period of colonial rule without referring to the significant contribution of Kofi Busia to the building of a new nation. He was guided in his public life by the noble and enduring ideal, so apposite for Ghanaians today, of a free country under the rule of law, with a democratic parliament and a framework of civil liberties” Amen. [From the ‘horses’ own mouth so to speak.]

Mr President, In 1951 Kofi Busia was a famous intellectual turned lone ranger Politician with tremendous weight and repository power of the independent Ashanti Territory that he represented in the Legislative Assembly. Dr Busia’s constituency was the whole of the Ashanti Region, the whole of the current Bono and the whole of the Ahafo region as Brong-Ahafo under Ashanti subjugation. He was a virtual one-man courageous, coherent and effective opposition when others were intimidated and afraid. Dr Busia was already a more powerful political figure to reckon with than Dr Danquah who had been rendered irrelevant in the 1951 Legislative Assembly. Dr, Danquah was completely blocked and rendered powerless by the CPP who voted down his motions and frustrated and taunted his every move. Dr Danquah’s constituency simply did not match that of Dr Busia who also had influence with the Northern Territories that had previously been under Ashanti control.

Furthermore, Prof Busia’s intellectual and strategic clout included influence with the colonial administration having been one of only two Ghanaians [A. L. Adu was the other person} deemed competent by the British administration to participate in governance as a District Commissioner. Thus Dr Busia is the only prominent Ghanaian politician to have served in a governance capacity in pre-independent Ghana which led to his publication of the ‘social survey of Sekondi -Takoradi’.

After witnessing the ongoing stampede and virtual devastation of the UGCC in the Legislative

Assembly, Prof Busia founded the Ghana Congress Party “GCP” in 1952 to demonstrate his cherished conviction that you cannot have a democracy without multi-party participation and to give the UGCC a shoulder to stand on. According to Dr Danquah’s memorial biographer H.K Akyeampon… “ In 1952 the Ghana Congress Party gathered the scattered strands of the opposition together and took over from and succeeded the United Gold Coast Convention.” In other words, UGCC was extinct and depended on Prof. Busia for resuscitation.

Dr Danquah became a member of GCP’s National Executive and was thus politically subordinate to Prof, Busia who was the GCP’s founder. During the 1954 general election, Dr Danquah stood on the ticket of Prof Busia’s Ghana Congress party and lost in an allegedly rigged election to his own nephew Kofi Asante Ofori Attah following which Dr Danquah was made a divisional chief at Akim Abuakwa to placate him.

Thus, Dr JB Danquah was not in the Legislative Assembly in the most significant period from 1954 to independence under Dr Nkrumah’s CPP auspices in 1957. Dr Danquah almost completely lost national political relevance in spite of being a front runner of independence agitation with other UGCC Nationalists.

In consonance with Dr Danquah’s biblical typology, when the “Prophet of democracy” Prof Busia was ‘baptized’ onto the scene via Ashanti Confederacy nomination, Dr Danquah diminished.

Mr President, it is noteworthy that Prof Busia became the articulate, spectacular, boldface of the now recognizable Opposition in whom the nation was well pleased with an intellectual mystique and was Dr, Nkrumah’s arch-nemesis. It was a sterling Prof Busia who offered an alternative vision of governance as testified to by Governor W. F. Hare.

It seems Prof Busia founded the GCP as a special purpose vehicle to aid the UGCC that had been so thoroughly crushed. However, none of them won their seats. Prof Busia won his Golden egg seat in 1954, on GCP ticket which further entrenched his national prominence but reduced his constituency to Wenchi. As leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in 1956, Prof Busia was on the ticket of the NLM that merged with other opposition parties to found the ‘United party’.[UP] Mr President, a fact of interest is: Dr Danquah and his UGCC had been dealt such a crushing defeat that they were not even part of the United Party! And certainly had no role or visibility on Independence Day 6th March 1957.

Mr President, it was K.A. Busia who at that most crucial moment of Independence Declaration by Dr Nkrumah seconded the Independence motion in the Legislative Assembly [Hansard of 6th March 1957]. As Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition [1954-1959] and gave a most brilliant speech which is reported to have taken some shine off the Osagyefo.

Mr President, while you seem unwilling to appropriately honour Prof Busia even Dr Nkrumah is said to have offered Prof Busia a Cabinet Position. This was a cataclysmic historical turning point. A virtual one-party state would have resulted sooner, had a principled Kofi Busia, father of Ghana’s multi-party democracy not turned down the offer. Prof Busier in Dr Nkrumah’s Cabinet would have meant the total defeat of the marginal but effective opposition he led. The United Party’s most famous leader who delivered or entrenched independent Ashanti into the Ghana union as its Legislative Representative [1951 – 1954, NLM 56-59]. in spite of the NLM ‘mate me ho’ agitation about resource allocation and Cocoa issues; The man with international reputation and tenacious insistence on multi-party democracy; that eloquent, authoritative author of Africa in search of democracy who was educating Europe that African Democracy predates their colonization, Prof Busia, preferred sacrificial adherence to his vision of a multi-party democracy and opposition in exile in 1959 to switching camps. God hid the Prophet of democracy and protected him for his season was yet to come.

Mr President, it was while Prof Busia was in exile that The United Party illogically in my view brought back Dr Danquah from hiatus as their Presidential candidate for the 1960 Presidential election instead of S. D. Dombo who ceded the leadership to Prof Busia for obvious reasons of clout/ prominence, etc.

Mr President, Let me surmise that, Dr Danquah was a non – strategic and manifest wrong choice for the United Party as he had become unpopular nationwide due the alleged whispering bribe campaign which defamed him and weakened him tremendously coupled with his ineffectiveness in 1951 and absence from the 54 and 56 Legislative Assembly without presence at the Independence hallmark which had reduced his stature in public opinion.

Dr Danquah who is said to have an indomitable spirit with great faith in the people of Ghana had once said with much hope; “Time is yet to come when the people now stoning me will come to their senses. But they did not. They chose Dr Nkrumah in the 1960 general election over Dr, Danquah.

After he lost the first Republican Presidential election, Dr Danquah is reported to have said:

“I was acutely disappointed with the results. I had hoped to win because the entire draft constitution is so ridiculous, I thought for once the chiefs and people would let partisanship go by the board and vote for what was right and sensible. But I was mistaken. I hope I will not always be mistaken about human nature which appears to be the most stupid of all natures”

Mr President, Dr Danquah and all our forebears who initiated the independence journey with conviction and dedicated service deserve our salute for foundational stones layered, well before the UGCC inauguration on 4th August 1947. In as much as Dr Danquah’s subsequent arrests and imprisonment leading to his tragic death is on our collective conscience as a dark moment in history, we cannot propel him or prop him up to a place of prominence he does not exclusively deserve.

Mr President, continuing with our mimic of divine construct, however, thanks to Dr Danquah, the consequential analogy may well be rather than the forerunner accomplished his difficult task, that we cannot see the end from the beginning because God’s ways are higher than our ways. It may well be that God compensated us by giving Ghana someone in the mold of a good shepherd, in the mold of a prophet, anointed with a rare ‘high spirited’ Intellect as a trademark and with a strong faith that ‘knowledge is useless, unless it is used in the service of God and humanity’ who arrived on the scene to accomplish great exploits, Preaching ‘Each his brother’s Keeper’ as a Policy sermon in civic education to develop the content of our character, institutionalizing ‘Love, a common humanity divine principle as the utmost ingredient in governance but we did not see the time of our visitation. I am obviously talking about Prof, K.A. Busia, Mr President.

Mr President, We are unable to be Still, to perceive Gods hand of direction in our lives. So we hissed ‘Rakah’, away with you because a Prophet is not respected in his own country. Now self-acclaimed “New Patriots” who did not revive the banned Progress Party of Dr Busia which he founded and led to victory in the 2nd Republic of Ghana under which he revived the United Party / UGCC survivors and also extended an embracing hand to ‘whosoever will, may Come’. are saying he is the fundamental pillar of their social inclusion policies and the chief cornerstone of their rural development strategies.

Certainly, there will be no NPP to speak off today without the Busia regime antecedent.

Mr President, Dr Busia’s singular visionary legacy to Ghana and Africa is his insistence on “DEMOCRACY’ as the best module for socio-economic and MORAL development… In this, he was Prophetic and stands very tall and vindicated. In dedicating his most valuable Book and legacy – blueprint, “Africa in Search of Democracy” to the youth as his heirs, he assured his infinite place in history in a call to action to his ‘Disciples’ The youth of Africa with a “Great Commission’ to generational leadership which he demonstrated by incorporating the youth with promises, such as J.H Mensa, Kofi Annan and J.H Kufour and others in their late 20’s. And early 30’s into his government. Kofi Busia’s prophetic mission for the youth in Africa, his eternal heirs is to clothe them with the mantle of cyclical scholarship and democratic leadership with integrity.

Indeed the NPP claim Prof Busia’s strategic rural development vision as the motivational impetus of President Kufour’s social inclusion interventions: NHIS, Capitation Grant NYEP, LEAP, Metro mass bus system as well as current attempted initiatives of ‘One District One Factory’, ‘one village one dam’, ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’, ‘free SHS’, ‘Nabco’ etc. {VP Bawumia’s facebook wall and various refrains by President Kufour as well as your own rhetoric Mr. President. Now Mr President, should the honour of a genius mind that underpins all these transformation initiatives be confined to Fiapre near Sunyani’ Actually, you are shortchanging the legacy of Ghana and hiding our precious Pearl but for what?


Mr President, How do you Honor the wind beneath your political wings? Look to God the Author and Finisher of our faith who took Enoch up for he pleased him, and Elijah up for he was his functional Prophet and Jesus Up to his sacred place of elevation in heaven for he was his only begotten son who was the Savior of mankind. But, as for NPP under your Excellency YOU ARE SHORT CHANGING GHANA by a surreptitious attempt to take an illustrious son Dr Busia, a Premium AFRICAN / Ghana Product from Accra to a hiding place in Bono in a multi serpent bite of inordinate sad betrayal, of the worst kind, in a tripartite conspiracy of political, familial, and place of origin inverted snobbery and want to be praised for such a political misjudgment. Were we to apply Dr Danquah’s biblical inference, it would be a ‘brood of vipers’ venomous attack.

Mr Presiden, Shall we, therefore, say that there was another Evil day in Ghana? Did Prof Busia make a Tragic Mistake when he made your father ceremonial President? A fact which has been used to dilute and pillage his image as though he was not the Executive head of this Country? Is Prof Busia’s magnanimity being used to victimize him?


Dr, Danquah was a nationalist limited in scope to Ghana. He falls short of our first two Prime Ministers Dr Nkrumah and Dr Busia’s continental reach or Pan Africanist reach with different approaches. Although Dr Danquah was an eminent lawyer, Poet, and initiating member of the UGCC agitation for independence, his principal contribution to Ghana was in legal and constitutional history. He prepared various drafts of provincial and our first proposed national constitution with some of his work done as a member of a committee

Should I, therefore, dare suggest as has been proposed for Prof Busia that: a lower or small claims court at or somewhere near Kyebi or Akim Abuakwa or even Koforidua be named after Dr, Danquah, as a national honour to treasure his memory because he hails from the Eastern Region? Genuine national honour ought not to be based purely on tribal origin, like tribal politics, it is not good democratic governance, particularly when the designated symbolism is an inappropriate indicia of the magnitude of contribution or Persona of the Honoree, Mr President.

Dr, Danquah’s ultimate resonance, unfortunately, is in his tragic death and not even in the drafts of our independence Constitution which the CPP majority set aside, thus his anticipated impact became negated by our one-party First Republican constitution. Partisanship is depriving our country of good honest judgment to date. Dr Nkrumah dismissed a Constitutional review motion for a Dominion constitution by Dr Danquah as originating from a “CRIMINAL MIND”. Dr Danquah also referred to the oft celebrated vision of Dr Nkrumah as “A MAD HATTERS DREAM”. Dr Danquah said: “if the nationalism of Ghana is meaningless unless all Africa is liberated then the continentalism of Africa would likewise be meaningless unless the whole world of humanity is liberated quoting 1 John 4:20 he said. “The bible has a word for this kind of irredentism; ‘He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen”.

Dr Danquah was also a Poet who wrote nationalist poems including one titled Politicians without shame which was an insinuation against Dr Nkrumah: “Should politicians without shame, Enter the African game, To blacken more, our negro name, and add lustre to our fame, blacker than the biblical blame, pinned to our racial window frame, By our tolerance of the same, Do we wonder that we were lame, Before the Christian standard came? [First stanza].

Mr President, In both Our Intellectual and Political spatial dynamics however, Dr Danquah’s significance was totally surpassed by Dr Busia’s prominence and outclassed by Dr Nkrumah whom he called a supplanting serpent.


Thus Mr President a Comparison of Danquah VRS BUSIA is a comparison of unequals. Dr Danquah simply did not have a pan Africanist perspective and also failed abysmally in his political quest due to the “Evil Day’.

In my view, Dr Nkrumah’s grand vision was also not actualized in my view due to overzealous speed. You see if Ghana’s liberation was going to link up successfully with the total liberation of Africa to render it meaningful, then one needed to pause for the Imperative of Kofi Busia to be fulfilled. That is, get a mass of Africans purposefully educated with relevant technological know-how structured to fit our needs, institutionalize multi-party democracy Africa wide, which is intrinsic to African cultural predicates.“ Tikoro nko agyina”

Mr President, Dr Busia when properly interrogated is the one who has both a pan -Africanist, Intellectual as well as an ace Political agenda as demonstrated in his African legacy book series. ‘The challenge of Africa’,, ‘Purposeful education in Africa’, which was researched across several African countries, and Africa in search of Democracy, the search which preoccupied his life with the baton passed on to the Youth of Africa in a great commission to deliver the promise of democracy, This was his most passionate beliefs and life commitment and ultimate legacy to the continent of Africa. Thus Dr Busia is rather the mortal man with the reach of an eagle… Dr Busia has a cultural and intellectual global reputation, as represented in the position of the chief in the modern political system of Ashanti, his Oxford thesis later revised as a book, positing African democracy in this in your face radicalism at a time when racial prejudice was the accepted norm. His historic political vision for Africa has won the argument over totalitarianism or socialist agenda hands down.

Mr President, it is indeed the African Union that should be ushering Dr Busia on a red carpet into a unique Hall of fame for lighting the torch of African Democratic principles globally.

Mr President Is multi-party democracy of the Kofi Busia variety, not the yardstick for assessing all countries today?

Mr President Is multi-party democracy, not the yardstick by which aid and other development resources are designated for African and other developing countries?

YOU, Mr President, should be the Proponent to the African Union to light that eternal flame of honour for K. A, Busia, Africa’s symbol of democracy. Mr President “I dedicate this book to the YOUTH OF AFRICA to whom will fall the opportunity and honour of building in Africa democratic societies wherein every man an woman may live a life of dignity in FREEDOM”{ K. A. Busia dedication of his Bk. ‘Africa in Search of Democracy’.}

K. A. Busia is the foremost politician continental Africa has ever had as regards his prophetic insistence on a worldwide winning proposition, multi-party Democracy which Kofi Busia posited as intrinsic in African culture on which he was THE authoritative Professor who fought authoritarianism of Dr Nkrumah as anathema to African culture. What is the essence of self-government without a suitable ‘fit for purpose’ module of governance? The enlightened one with strategic intelligence has won the day on this one and it is a major feat of unrivalled, sacrificial victory for which one could even name the Parliament of Ghana after its first opposition leader and subsequent Prime Minister who left office without any political prisoners if Ghana were to be honest with allocating credit where it is due. I am sure the current NDC opposition will agree that one cannot have a democracy without an energized opposition in parliament.

Mr President, how can we say that Dr Danquah who fizzled out of pre-independence politics without reaching the finishing line is a founding father but Prof Busia is not? What were we going to do with independence once achieved without a methodology of governance?

Mr, President, how do you honour a great man for whom other Presidents weep? Who in Ghana played a sacrificial role and stood stalwart for the multi-party democratic dispensation we are basking in if not Kofi Abrefa Busia? It is Dr Busia with divinely endowed Spiritual Intelligence of a rare kind, though not part of the UGCC intelligentsia who picked up the pieces and gave them a presence in Ghana today when their tradition was decimated. Will there be an NPP without the preceding Busia Administration to hang their hats on? NPP has even stolen ‘Prof Busia’s Dignity in freedom mantra without accreditation.

Mr President, Ghana must face its hidden demons and do what is right under your administration for all our Great but flawed Fathers without UNFORGIVENESS: This includes Dr Busia who you have failed to give deserving credit as one of our Nation’s Political ‘Founding Fathers.

Otherwise, we destroy significant national property to open ourselves up to future lawsuits for causing financial loss to the state, for no good reason. We build hollow National Cathedrals which are wholly unacceptable to the God we pay lip service to, in a hypocritical, unholy Ghana without JUSTICE or TRUTH or COURAGE or GENUINE FAITH.

Mr President, Appropriate dignified Honor for Dr KA Busia ought not to be a controversy. Why do you light a lamp and hide it under a bushel for who will see it? This is inconsistent with the word of the Lord we serve.

Mr President, what I am saying shall be vexatious onto your soul but it is so. It is sealed in a Holy Grail. Even if you wish to put me in a pit as though I were the weeping Prophet Jeremiah, it cannot be, because the Angels of the Lord encamp around me.

Mr President, Wait for the Kofi Busia Memorial University of Ghana edition, For it shall surely come as God gives me strength, and when it does write it on the tablet of your heart for King Hezekiah faced the wall and prayed for another 15 years but he still failed to make an impact.

Mr President, you ought to drop stomach politicians and ‘hollow crooked Philistines’ in your camp who think they are giants defending the indefensible when you are obviously on a collision course to capsize your own political destiny. “ nsuo beto a nframa di kan, asem kese so beba a frankaa nsi so”.

Mr President the audacity with which I speak comes from the intuitive essence of my father Kofi Busia that lives in me whose legacy blood you have pierced, and the Spirit of my Father God who has clothed me with a small measure of my father Kofi Busia’s brilliant Prophetic mantle for Political Evangelism. Even As he pours out his spirit upon all flesh.

For with wisdom, God created the heavens and the earth and he said ‘Let there be light and there was light’ Weigh my heart on your scales, Remember your handmaiden Oh Lord, For I have Preached Your WORD. Let there be ILLUMINATION in Ghana Mr President. Your Key Words Are: “RIGHTEOUSNESS” And “JUSTICE” AND “TRUTH” Your Excellency.

SOURCE www.ghanaweb.com
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