NDC Is Not A Political Party,They Want To Come Back and Steal-Kofi Akpaloo

The Founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr Percival Kofi Akpaloo says Ghanaians should forget about National Democratic Congress (NDC) because their mentality is always stealing and embezzling of state coffers.

According to the controversial politician,”The NDC has always have the track record of stealing and looting from state coffers since 1979 and they should not be a political party Ghanaians should vest their trust in. “NDC’s governance is the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana, there is no question about that and Ghanaians should not give them a chance to rule Ghana again,’he added 

According to him, the mismanagement under the NDC administration was so enormous that it plunged the nation into huge debts in the early 1970s.

According to him, the party, even in opposition is still exhibiting incompetence in its dealings and its leaders lack integrity.

He stated that,” NDC as a party has absolutely nothing, to offer Ghanaians. This is evident in their manifesto preparation.  A party presents a manifesto to the people for scrutiny and contribution, not the other way round.
Mahama and the NDC, are clearly exhibiting their lack of ideas, direction and vision. This is not an alternative to entertain or worthy of consideration.”

According to him, the NDC single highhandedly collapsed the economy of a resourceful nation as ours, should not be allowed anywhere near the Jubilee House.

Kofi Akpaloo discredited the NDC’s posture and utterances on recent happenings in the country.

He appealed to Ghanaians to reject NDC come 2020, adding that the NDC should never be an alternative but Ghanaians should trust LPG in the 2020 elections .

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