NDC Paid Some Members Of Other Parties To Join Their Demonstration-Omari Wadie

National Third Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Michael Omari Wadie has accused opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for allegedly paying some members under the umbrella Inter-party Resistance against New Voters’ Register to join the series of mammoth demonstrations.

The demonstrations were organized to protest the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to compile a new voter’s register for the 2020 general elections.

“NDC paid some of the political parties to join the Inter-party Resistance against New Voter’s Register. NDC paid some members of other parties to join their demonstrations. I know where they meet and who is behind this”, he told Kwame Tutu on Kingdom FM’s Anopa Nkomo in Accra.

The IPRNA, led by the opposition NDC, has embarked on mammoth demonstrations in Tamale (Tikusayi), Kumasi (Yen pe ni) and Accra (Wokpenee) respectively.

Chairman Omari Wadie, however, described the democratic process which was organized and led by the opposition NDC as ‘concert’ hence irrelevant.

“You call this demonstration as a democratic process?” he quizzed.

“Even some of the political parties who they paid to come and join have now realized the NDC are just using them for their demonstrations,” he alleged.

Source: Kingdom FM

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