You forced your marriage because you’re pregnant – Akuapem Poloo to Fella Makafui

Ghanaian socialite Rosemond Brown has alleged that the marriage between AMG boss, Medikal and actress Fella Makafui was forced and done in a rush because they’re burdened with an unwanted pregnancy.

“…We know you’re pregnant that’s why you’re forcing the marriage,” she said in a video she posted on her Instagram page shortly after the wedding had ended.

In the words of the controversial actress, the entire countenance of Medikal during the ceremony was nothing to write home about as he was constantly caught either on phone or with a frown at crucial moments.

Not only that, she also lamented the rather unplanned state of affairs at the ceremony and even the style of Medikal’s choice of apparel.

According to her, the ‘Omo ada’ hitmaker who was beautifully clad in a royal blue Agbada apparel could have better by matching it with a patch of his wife’s Kente.

But the wife in question, Fela Makfui was ceremoniously accompanied to the event grounds clad in a multicoloured Kente dress which had a touch of blue.

Regardless of this, Rosemond Brown maintained that they deviated from the normal practice at traditional Ghanaian weddings because their stylists performed abysmally.

Also, she claimed the event was poorly planned thus making everything clumsy to follow and quite stressful.

“…who forced these people to get married that they couldn’t get a marriage planner to plan their things for them”? She questioned…”In Africa here when we’re getting married the lady’s Kente should appear in the gentleman’s attire. But here is the case the man is wearing all full coloured without the lady’s Kente because it’s forced. He’s not happy, look at his face…Look at the toy things you were doing…”

As per usual, her video didn’t go unnoticed as people have heavily lampooned her for the untamed utterances.

Meanwhile, others have begun reading meanings into her allegations as Fella Makafui now Mrs Frimpong reportedly collapsed shortly after the event.

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