I’m happy for coronavirus because it has exposed arrogant scientists-Adom FM’s Prophet Obrempong CP

A Ghanaian prophet identified as Prophet Obrempong CP who doubles as a news anchor at MultiMedia’s Adom FM in a Facebook Post sighted by www.sankofaradio.com has stated that he was happy for the outbreak of this Coronavirus because it has exposed arrogant scientists at World Health Organization(WHO).

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I am very happy for the outbreak of this Coronavirus not because many innocent souls are perishing but for the shame and disgrace it has divinely brought upon the World Health Organization(WHO) to teach them wisdom that God is the only source.

It is obvious to even day-born babies that WHO has lost the battle to the vivid-19 pandemic from day one without having full knowledge of even the mode of its transmission.

WHO and scientists in general have shown disrespect to the power of the Sovereign Lord for so long with their sermon of non-existence of God and all manner of blasphemous comments and arguments.

It is always sad to hear these knowledge-limited scientists pointing fingers at the firmament to accuse our unlimited God of not existing and trying to use scientific means to explain how the entire world came into existence.

These are scientists who have woefully failed the entire world and for their incompetence and failure many innocent souls both young and adults have been killed before their time with several people hospitalized all because some so-called know-all doctors have refused to give reverence to God who created them with dust and gave them life by his breath.

Sadly, as at the time of putting this piece together, the world had recorded a disturbing 1,684,833+ cases with 102,136 innocent souls dead which will definitely increase as the day keeps tickling all because some arrogant men (WHO) wants to share God’s glory with Him.

I want to use this as an opportunity for them (WHO) to surrender to the Sovereignty of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and apologize for their disrespect to the most high God and accept that science is limited but our God is not limited.

I am confident to say without an iota of uncertainty that, until the World Health Organization (WHO) understand that the earth is the Lord’s including the entire world and everything therein, this virus will continue to escalate until they(WHO) surrender to the fight against the Coronavirus.

God is judiciously using this pandemic to expose, disgrace and ridicule the world scientists to humble themselves under the authority of the Most High God.

He was God yesterday , He is God today and He will be God tomorrow so better give him, his respect and glory and He will give you ideas and knowledge to find solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic.

May God bless all believers across the world.
May God bless His Church.
May God bless Ghana.

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Prophet Oberemppng CP Head Pastor of the Dominion Prayer Battalions Ministry(DPBM) Accra Ghana.

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