I want to Beef with Reggie Rockstone Again-Ex-Doe

Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi known is showbiz fratenity as Ex Doe has called on Reggie Rockstone to ignite their past beef which has been in the history book of Ghana Music.

He explained that Reggie never went to the studio to reply him after he dissed him of not being Kumasi president.

According to Ex Doe, he beefed Rockstone because the title he wanted to claim did not befit him because he wasn’t residing in Kumasi.

In an Interview with Hammer Nti on Pure Fm this Friday, the Hiplife pioneer indicated that Reggie Rockstone was only speaking English to prove himself but said nothing when he intended to reply him during a live show.

Rockstone initially revealed on Hammer Time that he did not hit the studio to reply Ex Doe because he was not selling anything at that time and Ex doe being a new artiste would have benefit from the beef than him.

Speaking on artistes and presenters relationship, Ex doe indicated that their time was very cool because Djs and presenters supported them with their heart and also presenters only gained after producer by their songs so the support was massive.

With regards to current relationship between musicians and Djs, he expressed that the “Payola” has spoiled the relationship since Djs take money before they play artistes songs.

He advised colleague musician that since their relationship with new djs are not vibrant they should rather take advantage on digital stores and social media to sell their songs to the world

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