Coronavirus Is A Satanic Agenda To Prevent People From Going To Church-Bishop Agyinasare

General Overseer of Perez Chapel Bishop Charles Agyinasare has opined the devil is using coronavirus to prevent Christians from going to church.

In a sermon, he delivered via social media, the man of God bemoaned why people would not be afraid to vote in party primaries.

“Is it not amazing to you that people are okay to go and vote in primaries? They are not afraid that they will get coronavirus. They are okay to go to the market and not afraid to get coronavirus,” Bishop Agyinasare said.

He continued: “They are okay to sit in trotro, they are okay to sit in a taxi and go everywhere. But when it comes to church it is like at the gate of the church we are distributing coronavirus. That is what the devil has made people to think.”

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