EC’s New Register will not be perfect just like every document in Ghana – Hassan Ayariga

The Founder and flagbearer of All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga says his party is against the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to compile a new register because they believe there are no perfect documents in Ghana to ensure the new register is void of ghost and multiple names.

According to him, the new C.I. 126 approved by parliament that allows the EC to use the National Identification Card and Passport as requirements for registering Ghanaians in the voters registration exercise will not make the new register any better than the previous because the documents being relied on are not perfect.

Mr Ayariga believes there are several foreigners who are in possession of Ghana passports and NIA cards and this means the EC’s decision to allow those cards only reverts the country back to where we are now with the current register.

“Ghana Passport is not a perfect document just like the NIA card. So the basis of saying we are going to clean the register because it is over bloated and overstretched are just excuses.” – he said on Salt 95.9 FM

He added that, ” The Ghana Passport is for the highest bidder. We have many Nigerians having the Ghana passport just like the NIA cards and old voters ID cards.”

Mr Ayariga told Prof Sam on Anopa Bosuo that the only document that has been approved globally to be perfect is the finger print of individuals.

The APC flagbearer is therefore suggesting that the EC procures well secured biometric machines that do not permit double registration and disregard the reliance on other documents from other agencies.

According to him, if the EC is able to acquire such machines, its desire to have a clean voters register will be satisfied.


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