If heaven truly exist, then why dont Christians pray to die early so that they can go and enjoy there? – Avram Ben Moshe

Former pastor, Avram Ben Moshe has in a new trending video posed a question to Christians about their belief in God and heaven.

In the new video, Moshe who’s the leader of an apostate movement called Common Sense Family asked that Christians do believe that there’s a place called Heaven where after they die, they’ll go and enjoy life for eternity.

So if indeed there’s heaven, why is it that Christians do not pray for longer life span in other to go and enjoy there but rather pray for longer life on Earth where there is suffering?

“Have you seen heaven before telling us that it exists? If indeed there’s a heaven where they claim there’s enjoyment, why then do they pray for long life on earth? Why is it that a Christian would not pray for him/her to die early so that he/she can go to heaven?”, he quizzed.

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