‘2020 Election it about measuring records against promises’-Nana Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said the 2020 elections is about a comparison of the development records of the two leading Presidential candidates and their leadership qualities.

According to him, the election is about integrity, performance of the two leading candidates,measuring their records against promises.

President Akufo -Addo posted this comment on his facebook wall today Wednesday ,23rd September,2020.

below is the full post

It bears repeating that 2020 is between the current President and the President who was voted out decisively in the last contest. It is about leadership. It is about integrity. It is about the performances of the two men when given the opportunity by the Ghanaian people to lead. It is about measuring records against promises. It is about which of the two leaders has shown in office that he knows how to manage the economy. It is about which of the two leaders you, the voter, can trust to deliver. It is about which of the two men you can trust with the future of your children. It is about which of the two leaders you know you can depend on in times of crisis. It is about which of the two leaders you believe can put in motion the necessary measures to revive and strengthen the economy, businesses, and social services, and build our country out of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is about which of the two leaders can implement a programme of transformation.

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