Allow Patapaa To Enjoy His Marriage In Peace – Prophet Kumchaha

Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known, as Prophet Kumchaha has hit back at critics who are lambasting Ghanaian musician Patapaa for marrying a German.

According to the Man of God, Patapaa made the right choice if only the lady makes him happy and that notwithstanding, he believes Patapaa will enjoy everything a woman has with his German wife.

“Every hole is a hole so everything that Patapaa expects to see in a woman he’ll definitely find it on his white lady. A black woman’s hole is a hole and a white woman’s hole is also a hole, so I think most of it has to do with the character of the lady.”

In an exclusive interview on Kastle FM’s Kastle Drive, Prophet Kumchacha said that the success of every marriage depends on the good character of the couple but not the skin colour.

“As for marriage when you marry even an angel and that angel hasn’t got a good character the marriage will never last. So it’s all about both Patapaa and the white woman bringing their good characters onboard to make sure the marriage becomes sustainable,” he told the host

He affirmed “Both of them are lucky to have married each other. The white woman is also a human being and Patapaa is also a human being. Excuse me to say I don’t know what a white woman has on her body that you won’t find on the body of a black woman.

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