I don’t even have panties to wear – Beverly Afaglo counts her losses

Beverly Afaglo said she has been left with nothing after her entire house was consumed by fire.

• The actress is currently cohabiting with her sister

• Beverly’s house was raged with fire on August 9, 2021

As devastated as she appears, Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo said she cannot even boast of a pair of underwear after her house was reduced to a pile of ruins by a raging fire.

Beverly’s Tema residence was raged with fire on August 9, 2021, a situation which led to the loss of several properties.

Although no lives were lost, the actress has lamented losing everything she has ever laboured for in her entire life including her merchandise and pieces of jewellery which she kept in one of the rooms.

Beverly Afaglo first took to social media to announce the sad incident which saw scores of celebrities commiserating with her.

But in an interview with HitzFM’s Andy Dosty on August 10, monitored by GhanaWeb, the actress has emphasized the extent to which the fire incident has affected her.

When asked about her current state and how she’s coping, Beverly said;
“I’m in my sister’s house, my children, and my mother. There were a lot of valuables. The things I sell were all gone. My mother has refused to eat, she feels sorry. She feels she caused it. I don’t have anything, no panties to wear, nothing. I need to build again, I need to start all over again. My husband is in America, he doesn’t live with us anymore.”

Beverly said although her sister has welcomed her with open arms, she still needs to find a place of her own.

“I’m staying at my sister’s house, we all have rooms here and I’m comfortable but there is nothing like you having your own place and the kids can have their own space, you can change the TV channel when you so wish and so on.”

Cause of fire

While an official report is yet to be made available, Beverly said her mother burnt weeds in the house. Although there were no signs of danger after the weeds were completely burnt, the situation escalated at a time her mother had left the scene to her room. The Fire Service, she said, could not do much to salvage the situiation.

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