No One From Ghana Police Has Called To Update Us On The Work Being Done To Bring Us Justice – Family Of Kaaka.

The family of slain Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka Macho, says the manner in which the Ghana Police Service has dealt with the investigations into the death of their relative has only caused them more pain.

They describe the efforts put in place since the death of Kaaka, prior to the Ejura protest as lackadaisical which has dashed any sign of hope in their quest for justice.

“We have avoided saying anything publicly about this whole investigation because we wanted to believe that justice will be done and that the police will take their time to do their work properly. We never saw that happen,” the family told the National Chief Imam on August 24.

“Till date, no one in the Ghana Police Service has called the family of Kaaka to update us on the work being done to bring us justice. It is almost as if we are not humans. We have had to find out everything from the media.”

Kaaka was killed at Ejura in the Ashanti Region on June 26 in what many have attributed to his social activism which made government unpopular especially in the wake of the #FixTheCountry movement.

Police say unknown assailant(s) attacked his occipital area with clubs as the deceased entered his Dagomba Line family house.

His murder sparked widespread agitations and protests which saw the killing of two more indigenes during a confrontation with a joint police and military team amid the firing of gunshots.

Barely three weeks after the Commission of Inquiry submitted its findings into the circumstances surrounding the death of the duo, the family’s confidence has waned.

During a meeting between the family of Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed and the National Chief Imam in Accra, they expressed their dissatisfaction at what they believe is falsehood and an attempt to pin the activist’s death on his brother.

“For instance, at least one Senior police officer, COP Tiwaa Addo Danquah, told the press that Kaaka was not killed in connection with his activism, even though the Police had barely conducted any investigation into the matter.

“Another individual who is head of a parliamentary committee that oversees the work of the Police, was deployed to jump from media station to media station to peddle the falsehood that Baba Iddi, Kaaka’s brother killed him.”

Baba Iddi has been remanded into police custody for the past two months over the accusation.

They further complained that; “The calculated attempts to misdirect the public and cause them to conclude on the guilt of our brother Iddi Mohammed, have compounded our grief and made us lose all hope that the Police is committed to truth and justice in this case.”

“Again, in all this, it was only a couple of days ago, on August 10, 2021, that the Police showed up at the scene of the crime to interview people who were there when Kaaka was attacked.”

Among other things, the family told Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu that their request for an audience with the Acting IGP has proven futile.

“Since last week, we requested for an audience with the IGP to raise our concerns at the highest level. That request has not been replied to or accorded any respect,” they said.

Kaaka’s family stressed that they cannot continue to keep faith in the systems “if this Republic refuses to count us, as one of its own” adding that “we too, as poor people, cannot continue to keep faith in a Republic that causes us nothing but pain.”

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