You Will “Die” At Bole Polling Station- Wontumi On Mahama’s “Do-or-Die” Comment (Video)

If elections represents death to Mr. John Mahama, then he should be preparing to take lead, Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako, has alerted the former President.

The Ashanti regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) believes the utterances of Mr. Mahama shows that he is only seeking political power to showboat and insult ethic groups that don’t vote for him.

According to Mr. Mahama, he is preparing to face the 2024 Presidential election in a “do-or-die” mode.

Speaking on Akina radio, he stated that he has learnt political lessons in 2020 and realized that elections are won at the polling station.

To add to his strategy of winning elections at the polling stations, John Mahama stated that he will lead the NDC to turn the 2024 into do-or-die affair.

But reacting to Mahama’s message which has received massive condemnation by Ghanaians, Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi stated that the security agency is ready to ruthlessly deal with Mahama should he dare try his evil plan.

“If 2024 he wishes do or die, then I want to tell him he will die at Bole where he votes”, Chairman Wontumi said.


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