Take me back to psychiatric hospital’ – Funny Face cries in new video over broken heart

The actor in a new video has been weeping over his failed love life. According to him, he has never been lucky when it comes women. “Herh Yaw Boateng, you have followed a*s and disappointed yourself, I have been crying,” he said.

Funny Face was speaking about ex-wife, baby mama and another woman he claims has given a child of his to another man in Germany because of money.

“This life is wicked, do you know that the guy my ex-wife got married to is called Blazer, yes and he was the guy that she cheated on me with during the relationship,” he said in a new video and added that “I have been crying”.

According to the comic-actor, the man his ex-wife has now married is gay “THE PAIN in my heart is too much .. they made a GAY went to marry my Ex POLICE wife” he wrote on social media.

Recounting his experience with women in his life, Funny Face says he wants to go back to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. “Herh woman go show you … Someone has slept with my wife and married her, I didn’t take the 7:30 medicine, it calms me down,” he said.

“Someone has slept with my wife and married her, another one too has given my child to another man because of money, Yaw Boateng I am tired … I want to go to Psychiatric again, take me back to psychiatric,” he said whilst crying in the video below.

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