‘The Church Today Has Lost Focus, Preaching More Of Prosperity’-Rev. Agyinasare

Rev. Francis Agyinasare, the second son of Bishop Agyinasare has averred that Christianity has had its issues in Ghana and across the world.

In his view, without Christianity, we would have witnessed worse evils and challenges as a nation.

The respected man of God believes there was more work Christians could do to transform the country, but unfortunately, we have failed to preach repentance as we were directed to do.

He explained that the core function of the church is to preach the gospel and make disciples with the social issues being auxiliary.

He said the job of the church is not to build schools or hospitals. However, love compels us to do so.

To him, if churches were to focus on their job and preach the gospel of repentance, we will see the needed transformation.

The man of God said without repentance, we will have false concerts and people who are holding on to their evil past and still be in the church.

Rev. Agyinasare said ‘you cannot repent and turn from your old ways and still be a homosexual, a fornicator, someone who engages in ‘sakawa’, watch pornography and and engage in other evil acts.

The prayer life of Christians, he added, has diminished with the majority of people being self-centered with their prayers.

He asked the Church to go back and start preaching repentance and faith and stop overfocusing on breakthrough prayers and prosperity.

He said: ‘don’t get me wrong. I am not saying prosperity and breakthrough prayers are not good. But if prosperity becomes the only angle, then we have forgotten how Christ taught us to pray’.

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