‘It Will Be Unlawful And Unjust To Admit The 499 Students, They Failed The Exams’ – GLC.

The General Legal Council (GLC) says it will be unjust, unlawful and unfair for the High Court to order it to admit students who failed to pass the 2021 entrance examinations.

Some 143 out of 499 students who were not admitted by the Ghana School of Law have sued the Council and the Attorney General at the High Court.

The students contend that they met the “well-known pass mark of at least 50% score in the entrance examination”.

The 499 students were part of more than a thousand who were not admitted as the GLC says they failed to meet the threshold of scoring at least 50% of the marks available in each section of the two-part exam.

The students say this is unfair since comments have been made by key individuals in times past communicating an overall minimum of 50% as the pass mark.

“That in May 2021, prior to the 2021 entrance exams, the acting director of the Ghana of School of Law, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang also articulated the 50% marks pass mark policy, at an SRC week celebration of the KNUST, That policy statement is contained in exhibit A as the second video.”

Parliament on October 29 sought to intervene when it directed through a resolution that the students be admitted.

The Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame in a letter to Parliament argued the legislative body cannot control admissions into the only professional law course training school.

The High Court seized with the matter on October 29, adjourned proceedings to November 9. Joynews has secured a copy of documents filed in court on behalf of the GLC.

The GLC says it has at no point advertised an overall 50% score as the pass mark for this years admission.

“…that the 1st respondent has not espoused any policy in exhibit D series which set the “minimum threshold as 50 marks.

That only candidates or applicants who obtained the minimum threshold mark of 50% each in the two sections for A&B (Part A & Part B) of the exam were eligible to be considered for admission by the 1st respondent for the 2021/2022 academic year to pursue the PLC”

The Council says it will be inconvenient if the court compels it to admit students who failed to pass the entrance examination.

“…that it will be unlawful, unjust, inconvenient, unfair and inequitable for this Honorable Court to compel the first respondent to offer admission to the Applicants into the Ghana School of Law for the 2021/22 academic year when they failed to pass the 2022 entrance examination”.

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