Mahama Suffering From Electoral Defeats – Buaben-Asamoa

Director of Communications of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP, Yaw Buaben-Asamoa says former President John Mahama has still not recovered from the defeats of the previous elections particularly 2020 defeat.

He says the former president’s constant nagging including making wild allegations against the government is also because of the electoral defeats.

According to the NPP, Mahama is only embarking on a “Thank You Tour” to cover his shame hence deliberately attacking the government unnecessarily to get public sympathy.

Addressing a presser, Mr. Buabeng noted that “Mahama is yet to recover from that loss, leading him to all manner of stale and incredible allegations about the 2020 general elections. Don’t get it wrong. It’s deliberate”.

He said Mr. Mahama’s allegations, recently made against the government at the ThankGhana Lecture however incredulous, are designed to reinforce his dubious claim for a fifth run at NDC leadership for the 2024 General Elections.

“Perhaps for redemption, but more likely for economic reasons, his party gifted him the nomination in 2020, only for him to lose again. Hence the elaborate “thank you tour” concluding with a televised “thank you” lecture on the 10th November 2021” he said.

He questions that “has the NDC, under former President and several times candidate Mahama, presented credible political ideas and a social and economic program capable of moving Ghana beyond the present and into a future of wealth creation? Please let us together examine briefly his claims against his delivery”

Mr. Buabeng noted that John Mahama and the NDC are yet to deliver one socially sensitive policy for the benefit of Ghanaians to justify their tag of social democracy.

He said under the NDC administration, “They collapsed Free Maternal Health Care. They delivered a few cargo vans in the name of ambulances. They opposed drone services to improve medical supply delivery. They struggled with the capitation grant for schools. They barely sustained Mass Transportation”.

“They sunk MASLOC with alleged corruption. They just about managed to continue with LEAP and School Feeding, leaving heavy arrears. Above all, they opposed and continue to oppose free education, a policy that is perhaps the most socially inclusive in the Fourth Republic,” he added.


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