(VIDEO) I Love English Songs And I Won’t Stop singing them– Cecilia Marfo hits back at trolls

Gospel artist and evangelist Cecilia Marfo has said that she adores English melodies and won’t quit singing them in spite of her off-base selection of words

Cecilia Marfo has been moving for a couple of days after her recordings of her circulated around the web via web-based media. Cecilia Marfo was heard singing a famous melody “What will I say unto the Lord” in a way that would sound natural to her which got many individuals laughing out loud

In a new meeting on Okay FM, the host, Abeiku Santana tested the gospel craftsman on what kind of tunes she cherishes singing and paying attention to. Cecilia Marfo expressed that she adores English tunes and will keep on singing them notwithstanding some unacceptable selection of words she employs.

As per her, she gets the vast majority of her messages and tunes from God in English then after she sings them, she requests that her kin decipher them for her. She added that God assists individuals with understanding her English melodies despite the fact that she sings them wrongly.

Cecilia Marfo additionally expressed a few tunes she enjoys beside Gospel melodies. She named Kwabena’s “Bue Kwan bi mama me” as a moving tune, and loves tunes from Kojo Antwi and Amakye Dede. She added that these tunes are tunes that accompany insight.

Cecilia Marfo is a female artist with a POWERFUL voice and is most popular for her strike tunes like, ‘Afunum Ba’ and “Mammire Angu”

Cecilia kept up with her confidence in Christianity and stayed faithful to her congregation and church exercises until Esther Smith heard her sing at a congregation program and recommended her to a music maker, Cebex Music Production, who checked out her ability and put resources into her when things were hard for her.

Cecilia Marfo from that point delivered her ninth collection and named it ”Faithfullness” which incorporated the uber hit tunes ”Afunumu Ba and Mammre Mamgu”

Watch the video below:

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