Man Arrested for Impregnating Daughter

The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Northern Region Police Command has arrested Hanan Shamrock, a proprietor of a basic school at Bilpela, a suburb of Tamale in the Northern region for allegedly impregnating his fourteen-year-old biological daughter.

The suspect is currently in police custody assisting with investigations.

Police have indicated that the suspect will be arraigned after investigations.

The victim (name withheld) after realizing that she was pregnant attempted to abort the pregnancy.

She was subsequently rushed to the hospital ( hospital name withheld) following complications.

Doctors at the hospital confirmed that the victim attempted an abortion.

The mother and her auntie ( names withheld)who were shocked about the issue interrogated her before she confessed that her father has been sexually abusing her.

The mother and auntie reported the incident at the Tamale police station.

The incident was again reported to the Vittin chief palace where the issue was described as an abomination which the palace demanded some animals and an amount of Gh 1,500 to be used to cleanse the gods.

The victim in an interview with journalists said her father told her that a spiritualist told him to sleep with the daughter to boost her confidence.

“ When my father told me this I didn’t mind him then he told me that if I do not agree to his request he would kill my mother. I got scared and I didn’t want to lose my mother so I gave in to his request.”

According to her, the father inserted his finger into her private part saying he wanted to confirm if she is still a virgin.

“ The second time he came to me in the living room and instructed me to undress so I did and he started sexually abusing me when I attempted to shout because I was feeling the pain he covered my mouth with his hands. It happened the third time again and by then I didn’t know I was pregnant so I went to my mother’s place and I was afraid to tell her that I am pregnant because she will be very disappointed in me.”

“ I told my friends and they advised me to take abortion pills which I did and about two weeks later I was feeling abdominal pains and I was bleeding as well so I had to confess to my grandmother who also told my mother about it.”

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