Only visionless people will conclude Kumawood is dead – Movie Director

According to popular Kumawood director Robert Bentil, those who believe the local film industry has failed are blind.
For many years, Kumawood filmmakers have been unable to produce films, signifying an industry collapse.

Several Ghanaians, including Kumawood actors and actresses, producers, and directors, believe the Kumawood film industry has failed.

In an interview with Osei Kwadwo on AMBASSADOR TV, Kumawood Director Robert Bentil denied the charges.

People who believe Kumawood has collapsed lack vision because Kumawood will never collapse.
Since CDs are no longer available, most Kumawood movie creators work day and night. As a result, we all see movie advertising and posters on radio and TV,” he said.

“FIPAG executives are working hard to educate Ghanaians about our industry and get them to follow us on social media. This sector will soon recover”.

Directors such as Robert Bentil have encouraged the Creative Arts Ministry to educate others who do not understand the new trend.

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