Cathedral project is not corruption-laden – Secretariat

The National Cathedral Secretariat says the allegations and claims that the construction of the project is entangled with corruption and criminality are false.

Executive Director of the National Cathedral Secretariat, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah, addressing journalists stated that there is no evidence of criminality or corruption in the cathedral project.

He posited that all expenditures related to the construction of the cathedral have been disclosed to Parliament.

“The idea that a project of this nature would not want to be accountable, I cannot understand it, I cannot fathom it. This audit notwithstanding, I want to state categorically that there’s no criminality. We have implemented the project with integrity, including accounting for all the funds from the state to the National Cathedral Project.”

“We have repeated this, and we will repeat it again; there’s no criminality in the National Cathedral Project. We have accounted for every penny that we have been given by the state and donors. This accounting is submitted to Parliament; sometimes it’s being misused, but we have submitted everything to Parliament.”

Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah confirmed that the National Cathedral project is still ongoing, despite a temporary construction delay, and is working to secure historical artefacts for the museum and gardens.

“There have been issues that the project has been suspended, but it hasn’t. Construction has stalled, but the National Cathedral is almost an institution; it’s going to be one of the largest institutions, so the work continues on a daily basis. In addition to funding, we are already engaging with those who can provide us with artefacts. Because if you want to turn it into a world-class site, you need historical artefacts,” he added.

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