‘Demonic water spirits are behind recent floods’ – Eagle Prophet

The General Overseer of the God’s Crown Chapel, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, has prophesied that there will be more serious floods in the country in the month of April.

He stated that an evil spirit, which is in the form of a big frog, is the cause of the floods, which would claim human lives and cause destruction to a number of properties.

According to him, there would be more deadly floods in the country in April, leading to loss of human lives and destruction to properties beyond people’s expectations.

Nicknamed as the ‘Eagle Prophet’, the Kumasi-based man of God, gave the prophecy when he was preaching on Angel FM in Kumasi on April 1, this year.

Barely one-week after his prophecy, there was massive floods in Accra, the national capital, which claimed five lives and left two other people missing.

The Eagle Prophet, giving his prophecy, stated that “April is a month of flood and there shall be more floods in a lot of countries, which includes Ghana”.

According to him, a spirit, which is in the form of creature like a frog had suddenly emerged from the water and it is spilling bubbles of water that causes floods.

The Eagle Prophet termed the looming floods as “demonic floods”, indicating that the spirit that is causing the floods is wicked and ready to claim more human lives.

The Eagle Prophet shot to fame when he correctly prophesied that some students that were about to visit the Kintampo Waterfalls would be killed by evil spirits.

He has also given accurate prophecies, concerning things that are about to happen in the country. His predictions are therefore given prominence and attention by the people.

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