Bastie will kill me if I fight him again – Bukom Banku

Brimah Kamako popularly known as Bukom Banku has stated that a rematch with Bastie Samir seems unlikely as the latter will destroy his career should he fight him again.

Bastie Samir two years ago handed Bukom Banku his first professional defeat when he knocked him out in round 7 at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

According to Bukom Banku, he still has nightmares about the fight and he almost suffered stroke prior to the bout.

“I still think about that from 2 years ago and I still do not understand how I lost to Bastie because I believed that he was no match for me.

However, I was scared at the time of the bout because I almost suffered a stroke that night. When I was getting into the ring, I saw that Bastie was larger in size. I knew him to be shorter than I was but he looked taller.”

“I asked my coach to confirm if that was really Bastie in the ring and he confirmed. That night at the arena, everything was in Bastie’s corner.”

“Even the mineral water being sold was supporting Bastie. Millions of people supported him while I had only five people going for me.

Kamoko went on to say that after tasting international boxing, there was no way he would risk his life in a rematch but that Bastie Samir’s supporters and associates should get their boxer the chance to fight outside Ghana.

Banku in September defeated Rojhat Belgetekin in round 3 to win his first-ever bout outside Ghana.

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