Massive Job losses, Power Crisis To Hit Ghana in 2020 – Badu Kobi

Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International Prophet Dr Emmanuel Badu Kobi has prophesied that this year will witness massive job losses caused by the government’s introduction of unfavorable policies and a crippling power crisis.

In his sermon on 31st December watch-night, Prophet Badu Kobi declared that God has revealed to him that Ghanaians will go through a worse form of suffering than they endured in 2019.

The Prophet also advised Ghanaians to get “Jonah out-of-the boat and have your freedom” alluding to the Biblical Jonah whose presence in a boat caused turbulence of the sea until he was gotten rid of.

It is ritual for Ghanaian prophets to make prophecies about the coming year on the last day of the preceding year typically about politics and the deaths of prominent Ghanaians and others the world over.

On politics, Prophet Badu Kobi prophesied that any party that steals the 2020 election will have bad governance and be a curse to Ghana.

He also cautioned President Akufo-Addo to lay down his tools and take it easy otherwise he will meet his demise just like the late Professor Evans Atta Mills

Describing it as his 40th prophecy of the night, Prophet Badu Kobi further revealed that the incumbent NPP would win the 2020 elections.
But their happiness will be short-lived because of the death of Akufo-Addo.

“President Akufo-Addo, go and rest because of health. Otherwise in 2020, one day, the same way I prophesied about President Mills, Ghana will wake up and there will be nobody seated on the seat as President; the person will be no more.

It happened in NDC’s time; President Mills was not having strength but they were pushing him…” he noted.

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