Year of return has brought promiscuity, fornication and adultery to Ghana – Prophet Oduro

Head Pastor of the Alabaster Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has said Ghana’s Year of Return Program introduced by the ruling government in 2019 is doing more harm than good to the country.

Rather than draw in investment and productivity, he said, it is introducing all sorts of ‘foreign characters and attitudes’.

Speaking to his congregation at the 2019 Watch Night service, he said,

“I thought that the year of return was to promote productivity, reconciliation, restoration, I thought it was something that will restore our values, you should see the indiscriminate sexuality it is introducing into the country, an example is the Labadi Beach, you should see what our brothers from the U.S.A are teaching our youth here. The sad thing is that our leaders are seated and listening to them.”

“I thought that the year of return would be one that will make people return from people’s husbands to Christ, from the world to purity and righteousness. I didn’t know it was for people to have indiscriminate sex on the beach, for promiscuity, fornication and adultery, for sniffing of cocaine, for smoking of weed.” He added

Prophet Oduro further admonished Ghanaians to work towards their salvation.

“Be careful to love the Lord your God! The Youth of today are more interested in the world, if it were dancers twerking on stage, the place will be full, it’s the devil at work.” He noted.

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